Who is Photo-fundraising.com?

Photo-fundrasing.com has been doing fund raising contests for humane societies, animal shelters and museums for more than four years.  We recently change our name to Photo-fundrasing.com from MulaBula.com so the name better articulates what we do.

What is a Photo-Fundraising.com contest?

The short answer is that our solution allows you to easily run a photo contest for your local communities and supporters in a very economical way.  Photo-fundrasing.com assists you in conquering the unique challenges of fundraising with an easy to run, easy to set-up photo contest to raise money while having fun and introducing a little competitive spirit for good measure (and to maximize donations)!

How does the Photo-fundrasing.com fund raising solution work?

We make it as simple as possible to you.  Contact us via email or phone, complete a short questionnaire, then simply choose a theme, share your logo, promote the contest and then tell us where to send your money.  It’s literally that easy!

What type of organizations would conduct a Photo-fundraising.com photo contest?

As denoted on our home page, we support humane societies, animal shelters, museums, sports clubs and team and other non-profit organizations.  Additionally, we have a very attractive offering for photographers.  With our very competitive capped pricing any non-profit or commercial organization can benefit from running a Photo-fundraising.com contest!

How do we raise money?

You make money in three ways. Firstly, your community and supports pay to enter a photo to win a prize (we recommend a price of $10 but you can set the price).  Secondly, the supporters of your organization as well as family and friends pay to vote for their favorite photo each time they vote (votes can start as little as $1.00 but you pick what voting fees are) and then lastly, we CAP what your costs so you maximize the return for your organization!

How does the photo submission and voting work?

Your supporters log on to the Photo-fundraising.com site 24/7 and upload a photo or to vote on an entry.  Photo-Fundraising.com is device independent site which means that the users can log on to our system with a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  Each time they log on, their user experience is crisp and clear so they end up coming back more often and donating more to your charity.

How do we or our supporters know the status of each contest and who is leading?

Photo-fundrasing.com knows how to make this entertaining and competitive at the same time.  The site denotes the beginning and end dates when you go to the contest site.  There are real time results so each and every participant can see how their photo’s are performing.  We recommend that as the contest draws near to the end, you send out reminders with who is leading to build even more excitement and generate more votes and more income for your organization! Needless to say, the photo with the most votes at the end of the contest wins!

How do our supporters buy votes?

You set the price per vote and the minimum number of votes.  We recommend a minimum transaction of $5 which we find maximizes your proceeds.
For example. $1 a vote and a five vote minimum.

Are the donations tax deductible for our supporters and do they get a receipt?

Absolutely yes to both.  Photo-fundraising.com solution automatically generates a receipt for the supporter upon the purchase of vote credits so they have a receipt for their tax records.

How much can I raise conducting a photo-fundrasing.com photo contest?

This is really a function on how large of a base you have locally, the generosity of your supporters and how well the event is marketed.  You can make multiple thousands to tens of thousands depending on those variables.  With photo-fundraising.com, you will maximize your efforts and income as we CAP our fees so you take home more of the donations (as it should be)!

What type of prizes should the winner be awarded?

It is really a function of the type of contest that you are running.  We recommend that that you recognize the top three winners in some sort or fashion.  Museums offer a photograph viewing. Many shelters and rescue societies share that calendars are still warmly received.  Working with local business to put together a gift basket or donations and then crossed marketed has been warmly received as well.  Needless to say, the more valuable you make the prizes the more activity you will receive during the contest!

How can I get my message of the Photo-fundrasing.com contest to the community?

Leveraging social media is the absolute key to get the message out.  You should use your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and then asks your employees, volunteers and friends to share and ask them to ask their friends to share as well.  The more touches you get the greater likelihood you will exceed your fundraising goals.  You can also issue some press releases to local newspaper and local television and radio stations as well.

You mentioned CAPPED fees multiple times.  Can you share more about that?

We firmly believe in the great work that each of our customers do and we want to maximize their efforts and reward them financially.  Photo-fundraising.com has the most economical pricing model in the industry today allowing you to take more money home faster!  Additionally, on any contest that raise more than $25,000 in donation, you do not pay any program fees and only have to pay the flat credit card processing fee.  We charge less so you make more!

You mentioned several times that your costs are capped.  What are the total costs to run a Photo-fundrasing.com contest?

We have the most competitive pricing in the market and we offer a sliding scale based on the amount raised.  As mentioned previously, any donations raised above $25,000 is not subject to any program fees.  The other fees are as follows:

$0 to $4,000 – 15%
$4,001 to $15,000 – 5%
$15,001 to $25,000 – 3%
$25,001 or more – 0%

Many of our clients will pay a net average of less than 5%.  The only other fee is a flat 3.5% for credit card processing.

Why type of reports do we get when we run a Photo-fundraising.com photo contest?

Upon the conclusion of the contest you get all the information that you need from all of the people that participated.  You get their names, address, email addresses and how much each donated.  You can then add them to your mailing lists for subsequent correspondences.  It is a great way to build your support base!

Do you have any long term customers?

Yes of course!  To name just two,  the Humane Society of Pinellas as well as the Florida Museum of Photographic Art has run photo-fundraising contests for each of the last four years!

This sounds too good to be true!  Are there any costs to get started?

There are no hidden fees nor any up-front costs.  We only make money if you make money!

Do I have to set up my own merchant account to run a photo-fundraising.com contest?

No, you do not have to go to the hassle of setting up you own merchant account and dealing with all of the administration associated with that.  Photo-fundraising.com takes away that hassle for you!

Does Photo-fundraising.com have secure payment processing?

We use all of the latest PCI compliance technologies and all payments are safe and compliant.

How do we get our money?

Photo-fundraising.com will transfer the money to your account as twice a week or at mutually agreed upon dollar amounts.  You tell us how you want to do it.  It is literally that easy!

How long will it take to get started?

As soon as we have your basic information (like where do you want us to send the money to) we can have you up and running in less than a day!

Where do the photos reside and can we get them after the contest ends?

The photos reside on the photo-fundrasing.com server and you will have access to them with you logon credentials.  We can maintain them or give you copies of the files.  We try to make it easy and simple for you giving you the greatest amount of choices!

If there is a problem what happens?

Photo-fundraising.com is only a phone call or email away!  We’re here to support you before, during and after the contest and we only make money when you make money so we want everything to run as smoothly as you do!

I’m sold! What are the next steps?

We’re only a phone call or email away!  Email us at start@photo-fundraising.com or call us at 678-310-8866.  We look forward to having you make more money faster!

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