Leveraging With Shopping Portals to Raise Funds For Charity

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The use of wristbands is an excellent method to raise money whilst giving the donor something desirable. Many people decide to wear wristbands for several reasons but the main one is to become fashionable. In terms of practicality, wristbands offer very little but in terms of fashion sense it can benefit to express a personality. This is why wristbands are very popular, especially with the youth. Teenagers is often seen wearing many different wristbands like a fashion statement and to reveal that they support some cause.

Two mothers were so concerned from this reality they created Global Goods Partners – a nonprofit organization that ensures income from goods manufactured in the developing world is received directly by people who produced them. Their model is exclusive, because it gives women from disadvantaged regions access to new markets through school fundraising programs in the United States. Their merchandise – mainly handcrafted jewelry and clothing – is sold by students to generate school funds and help raise awareness of the contests facing these disadvantaged communities.

Some of our regular blog readers may recall Jenn Gross’s March 2011 post about the power of teams. In that post, Jenn mentions a joint Event 360 and Convio study that found “nearly all participants who fit in with a team raise more income than others who don’t. Additionally, team members are more inclined to stay engaged before the day of the event, and be repeat participants.” I would debate that this research doesn’t only highlight the potency of teams, but in addition highlights the strength of positive thinking inside the non-profit space.


As you can see, there are lots of options that may be utilized during church fundraising efforts. Whether only one option is chosen for that fundraising program or possibly a few options, the successful outcome will certainly permit the church the chance to attain the monetary goals that they originally created, proving becoming a fantastic way to raising funds.